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The mountains are attracting an increasing number of adventurers, who visit the mountains for a variety of activities. These activities include camping, trekking, mountaineering, para gliding, rafting etc. Each activity in itself has many forms. It may be easy to difficult, one man to a group activity, organized by a club or self organized.

The visit to any hilly place always lifts up one's sprit. There is no doubt about it. It may be due to the different kind of topographic and environment we get at these places, from the ones we are so used to. There are many options on how to visit the hills. Thousands of people of this great country have been making the tough and risky journeys to the great many shrines located in far-flung places in the hills. A lot of people on pilgrimage to these mountain shrines are old and infirm. Yet the will to have darshan of the deity makes it possible for them to achieve their goal. One visit leads to other and also has a positive affect on the person who performs these visits. Similarly now people are visiting the mountains for pleasure and adventure activities.

Some are happy in going and staying at a conveniently located hotel where all the comforts are available depending on your purse. There are others who wish to do a bit different from this yet get the comforts of a hotel. For them there are Camps which make you comfortable in scenic surroundings. The only difference is that the brick and cement walls are replaced with the thick canvas walls. Others want some more fun to be added and this is taken care by Camping in the mountains away from the towns and villages. One may move from one camp to another located a few Kms from the first one. Still others take one on longer trips and more fascinating places. These trips are a bit more adventures and physically demanding. However, the more pains you take will give you more rewards and with that a sense of pleasure and achievement which gives you more josh to live the life ahead of you.

The growing number of young people who visit the mountains for pleasure and adventure is a welcome sign. But in accepting the element of risk it is important to be quite clear about the nature of the dangers inherent in mountain travel and to go prepared. To get lost in the mountains or to be the cause of an accident involving yourself or other people when this could have been avoided by training and preparation, is not heroism but folly. Indeed, it is worse than foolish for it shows a complete lack of consideration for others.

Most people would agree that the point in any leisure activity is to find pleasure and satisfaction. In camping in the mountains, walking in the hills, these are to be found not in courting unknown hazards but in matching your own skill and experience against the dangers and difficulties of which you are aware. While in the mountains you should be observing "The Mountain Code". Further there are "Various Aspects" which need to be taken care of while visiting the mountains.


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